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A.A. 2020/2021 Aperte le iscrizioni al laboratorio: "Digitalization and Contract Law"

February – April 2021


Elise Poillot, Full Professor of Civil Law and Director of the Consumer Law Clinic (Luxembourg University) – Visiting

Professor of DILHPS (Milan University)

Sabrina Lanni, Associate Professor of Comparative Private Law – Jean Monnet Chair ENFASIS (DILHPS) 


The workshop is open to 50 students enrolled in the GOV, REL, SIE Degree courses 


The workshop aims to analyze the links between consumer law, contract law and European law in an increasingly

“digitalized” World. Students will gain knowledge of the legal discussions that takes place at the European level and

from a comparative legal perspective, regarding some specific issues, such as, for example the impact of European

law on contract law and consumer protection; the role and influence of GAFAM on the legislative process as well as

on the transformations of private law; the necessity to re-think consumer protection with regard to the irruption of

artificial intelligence in commercial relationship and the use of consumers’ personal data. 


The workshop allows students to acquire – through traditional lectures and more inter active classes where draft

legislations and case law will be discussed – knowledge on legal problems pertaining to the increased use of new

technologies in the field of private law relations. The workshop will take the form of 20 classes that will be taught

through the Microsoft Teams Platform including working sessions in groups in persons (if the situation permits). 


English language with the possibility for students to use Italian language both during class and for the final assessment. 


3 credits within the 9 free choice credits; classes attendance and participation in working sessions in groups

(with a frequency of at least 80%) are compulsory; for the achievement of the c.f.u a final assessment will take place


Students interested are required to submit their application forms and a brief motivation statement to Proof Sabrina

Lanni (sabrina.lanni@unimi.it) from 15 November until 15 February 2021requency of at least 80%) are compulsory; for the achievement of the c.f.u a final assessment will take place.


22 dicembre 2020
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